Grand Canyon Redwood City 7th Graders May 16 to 25, 2018

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Each year Redwood City Middle Schools take a batch of 7th graders on a 10 day trek to the Grand Canyon. 5 nights sleeping outside (tents/under the stars) and 4 nights in motel rooms (4 to a room). It's an amazing growth opportunity and experience for many that have never been away from their families or out of state. Did I mention the 10 mile pack-on hike to Havasu Falls? And the hike out? While it's Jerry's 8th time, Barbara came with us this year!

Then Erin and Jerry took a side trip and went to the Colorado river (a 14 mile round trip hike) one morning. We even stumbled on a big horn sheep next to the trail. We made it to the Confluence of the Colorado and the Havasu Creek.