Ionian Adventure 2017 - Pat, Pat, Scott, Jerry

August 13 Drive to North Lake Campground west of Bishop CA. Car camp at the campground.

Day 1 - August 14 North Lake campground to Darwin Lake over snow covered Lamarch Col Pass (12,750ft) 6.7 miles Total Ascent 4,600ft. Camping at 11,600 ft.

Day 3 - Aug 16 Lake Wanda to unnamed lake in Ionian Basin. 2.1 off trail - FULL DAY over Wanda Pass 12,400 ft. Total ascent 1,680 ft. Camping at 11,840 ft.

Day 2 - Aug 15 Darwin Canyon to Lake Wanda 7.7 miles on and off trail. Total ascent 1,880 ft Camping at 11,400ft.

Day 8 - Aug 21 Hike out. Chocolate Lake to South Lake and a drive home. 2.7 miles on trail. Total Ascent 175 ft, decent 1,360 ft.

Day 5 - Aug 18 Unnamed lake to lake 11,828 (yea, that's it's name on the USGS map). Short day 1.2 miles off trail. Total Ascent 654 ft.

Day hike to top of Mt. Black Giant 13,300 ft. VERY steep climb. 1.8 miles total ascent 1,780 ft. Camping at 11,835 ft

Day 4 - Aug 17 Unnamed lake to yet another unnamed lake. 2.7 miles off trail. Total ascent 1,200 ft. Camping at 11,400 ft.

Day 6 - Aug 20 The journey out begins! Lake 11,828 to JMT/PCT trail camp. 6.8 miles start off trail, rest on the John Muir Trail/ Pacific Crest Trail. 1,100 ft total ascent (3,700 ft descent). Mosquitos!! Camping at 9,300 ft

Day 7 - Aug 20 --SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY! (It was raining :( ) Trail camp to Chocolate Lake over Bishop Pass 11,980 ft. 11.6 miles on-trail. Total ascent 4,378. Camping at 11,000 ft.

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Final approach to Lamarch Col Pass

Darwin Canyon Sunset - super wide