JMT 2018 - Vangie, Pat, Jerry

More Pictures!

In general these pictures are low resolution to make it work better over the web. If you want higher quality just send the picture number to and you can get a better version.

We did a section of the JMT - roughly 95 miles from South Lake outside of Bishop to Reds Meadow outside of Mammoth. 7 nights, 8 days. Lots of PCT'ers and JMT'ers. A freeway! Nice weather and views (even with a fire near Mammoth).

June 25 Drive to South Lake west of Bishop CA. Car camp at the campground.

Hike down to LeConte ranger station

Full moon rise at Wanda Lake

Wanda Lake from the Muir Pass

Near Evolution Ranger station

We had a number of river crossings

Marie Lake

Virginia Lake