Huayhuash Circuit 2019 - Peru Andes

Tim, Jim, Johann, Marty, Pat, Jerry

May 2019

Take 6 strong hikers, add a great trekking company ( for 11 days in the Peru Andes. Walking 4-7 hours a day we reached heights of 16,700' and stayed at camps from 11K' to 15K'. One day a hike from 11,500' to 15,800' => over 4,300' vertical feet at altitude.

The trek goes around the Cordiller Huayhuash ("Way-Wash") set of mountains about 100 miles north of Lima Peru. If the weather is clear, the views are spectacular!

This is a difficult hike. Long hard days. Acclimating to altitude. Tent sleeping during very cold nights and snoring tent-mates. WOW, what an experience!

We saw avalanches, condors, stars of the southern hemisphere, new animals, hail, rain, hot sun, bad pit toilets and great food.

Our trekking company (go2andes) had 15 mules, 3 horses to carry our equiptment and kitchen. The safety net was a horse that followed us (we never needed him). 3 horsemen, cook, leader and asst. leader - 6 of them for 6 of us!

If you are in great shape - do it!

Our trekking guide -

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