Sawtooth 2017 - Jerry

July 27-30, 2017 to Sawtooth in Idaho. My first solo camping - on trail, lots of other hikers along the way. First use of butain as a fuel!

Day 1 - Yellow Belly Lake to Edna Lake 10.9 miles. Ascent 2,850. Snow on the pass, Mosquitoes in camp.

Day 2 - Edna Lake to Middle Cramer Lake 6.2 miles. Ascent 1,600. Snow on the pass, More mosquitoes in camp.

Day 3 - Middle Cramer Lake to Redfish Lake 7.2 miles. Descent 2,000'

The power of a zoom lens - the area to the left of the left pond yields a different story (below)

Blast from the past - photo taken in 2008!