Boise Condo

Jerry Pierce

March 11, 2018

First write up...

Pierce Boise Condo

We decided that Boise was the place to be... The attractant of Andrea/Martin/Miles/Analiese may have something to do with that. We purchased our condo in 2014 and have been loving it ever since. It is a great space and location. About 1,700 sq ft in two stories in a complex of townhouses.

We did a major remodel in 2017 of all rooms - especially the kitchen and bathrooms.

Original floorplan - kitchen has changed

Kitchen - Gas stove, new cabinets

Before and After Pictures (after needs some clean up, but you get the idea)

Cattle guard done, cabinets under the stairs

Stairs moved out.

Wash/Dryer moved, Pantry in!