The Pierce’s Holiday 2006 Letter

Happy New Year from the Pierces!

2006 - Barbara remains the Mayor of Redwood City! Andrea bought a house in Boise Idaho, Amanda officially graduated and trains dogs to work with handicapped people, Jerry continues in LA. We think this is normal.

Barbara is finishing her first year as Mayor of Redwood City. The family has learned to carefully watch the caller ID on the phone to avoid hearing about parking problems (again) and to avoid all conversations about rising water bill rates. She is getting very good at short impromptu speeches and is learning many ways of working with ‘challenging’ people. (Perhaps this is where Andrea got her ability to deal with the same type of people?)  The City is doing very well and Barbara was a big part of the adventure! Health wise, Barbara was having problems with her knee so went in to get an arthroscopic tune-up. There were a few days of no walking, but after physical therapy she is back to normal and hoping to be even better with more exercise.

Barbara’s mother continues to enjoy living with the craziness of having the Mayor in the house. Barbara and Claire went back to New Jersey again to visit relatives and visit the Yogi Berra Museum. Her sons have both come to visit during the year. Keith normally joins us for skiing so we’ll wait to see whether this is possible this winter or not!

Jerry continues to commute to Southern California each week. His work in Digital Cinema is coming to a close as there are more than 1,500 digital screens in the US. We have had HD-DVD, BluRay, XBox360, Location Free, & Insteon come and go throughout the year. How many iPods can one person have? Boys and their toys! It was another good year for skiing and exercising. Jerry is also getting good at giving speeches. He has been the keynote speaker for a number of conferences and gets high ratings each time. A techie version of performance art.  Barbara and Jerry took a trip to Boise to help Andrea move. It was fun being with a complaining cat for 11 hours on the drive from CA to Idaho, or was it?

Jerry's mother passed on in July. She made it to over 98 years old and was pretty good up to the end. The family is planning to go down to Joshua Tree over Christmas to bring her ashes back to the desert she loved to be with her husband Howard.

Amanda officially graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo In June. The whole family went down to see her “walk.” (how come they don’t call it graduation anymore?) She is living in San Diego training dogs to help disabled people and working one or two other jobs. She also ran her first Marathon! She came up and joined her sister and Jerry for the SF Bay to Breakers “race” which they actually made into a walk.

Andrea finished her first year teaching with a “challenging” class in Sacramento, then she picked up and moved! She bought a house in Boise Idaho with Martin and has a NEW job teaching 3rd grade. Gidget (Andrea’s cat or Claire’s grandcat) is up to 19 pounds - very well fed. He is getting used to winter with snow around the house. He prefers to just sit around and eat.

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them. If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara, Jerry, Andrea, Amanda, Desi, Maggie, Gidget, &  Bean Pierce

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