The Pierce’s Holiday 2007 Letter

2007 - Barbara finished her two year term as Mayor of Redwood City, Andrea remains in Boise Idaho, Amanda continues in San Diego, and Jerry quit his job in LA to “work” out of the house. Now THIS is normal!

Barbara just finished her two years as Mayor of Redwood City. It is amazing the things that have become interesting to her - urban design, recycled water, traffic calming, and climate change. She’s enjoying it a lot but is looking forward to the break from the intensity of being mayor. She was re-elected to Council in November and will serve another four years. The city has made great progress through the efforts of the Council and Barbara is very proud of her contribution. The biggest success is our new courthouse plaza which now holds weekly concerts, special events and family movie nights. It is a delight to see hundreds of people enjoying each other’s company in a town which was so very “quiet” for many years.

Barbara’s mother Claire continues to enjoy living with us and is good health. She still enjoys following the NY Yankees baseball via TV and the internet though she wishes they had done better this season. Her son Rick and wife Jeanne came to visit during the summer and took part in our local concert series and did some visiting. Keith and Sue also visited, though our lack of snow meant we didn’t do our usual ski trek to Tahoe.

Jerry quit his job with Universal Studios after 12 years of commuting to Southern California. Jerry felt it was time to move on after NBC purchased Universal. He continues to consult to Universal on Digital Cinema and is chairman of one of the important committees working on Digital Cinema (isdcf.com). He remains very active and is on the board of two companies, is working on starting a company of his own and takes short-term consulting assignments as they come up. Things are not slowing down! Jerry spent seven days with Andrea and Martin on a wilderness trip down the Salmon River in Idaho (mfsalmonrun2007.com). It was a great experience and Jerry organized the 1,200 pictures and created the website.

Amanda spent most of the year training dogs to assist  disabled folks, and working 2 other jobs simultaneously! She has developed a real skill at understanding training, reinforcement and limits - and has proved a real resource to her parents with this information! Even though her dog training job ended when the company went out of business ,she is still working at a Vet office and now at 24 hour fitness. She continues running marathons and is planning to move back to San Luis Obispo next year to plan her next career adventure.

Andrea finished her second year teaching in Boise (well near Boise). She is known as the “law and order teacher” which we take to mean that she sets limits and expectations for the students though she balances it with her deep belief in her students abilities to succeed.  Things are going well, but she misses being close to friends in California. She has a season pass to the local ski resort and enjoys playing in the snow and in the summer joins Martin for fishing with her own waders. She now has a new dog - Brie - that came from Amanda. Brie is proving a wonderful companion.

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them. If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara, Jerry, Andrea, Amanda, Desi, Maggie, Gidget, Brie, & Bean Pierce