The Pierce’s Holiday 2008 Letter

2008 - Barbara continues as Council-person for Redwood City, Andrea remains in Boise Idaho, Amanda moves to San Luis Obispo, and Jerry is a consultant and tries to start a new company (so far, no go). Now, is THIS normal?

Barbara continues to be expanding her interests - we are now discussing ‘smart growth,’ ‘complete streets,’ and other jargon-compliant language. She even took Jerry on a trip to study the Hetch-Hetchy water supply system for the San Francisco bay area. (Jerry liked taking pictures.) It has been quite a change from being Mayor and she has been enjoying the break from the spotlight. Barbara has re-joined the Redwood City Education Foundation and is involved in an amazing array of committees and organizations that support our community. Oh yes, she also supports her family.  

Barbara’s mother Claire continues to enjoy living with us. She becomes involved with many of the family activities including trips to museums and events - it was fun going to the Scottish Games across the bay! Her sons, Keith and Rick, continue to come visit a few times a year.

Jerry continues to be independent and self-employed. As a thought leader, it just shows that Jerry is slightly ahead of his time in becoming retired/unemployed. He continues to consult (Digital Cinema and on advisory board for a few companies), do photography, create many websites, design a new company, has started hiking and camping again, and spends time skiing when not busy doing his other “leisure” activities. In following Barbara’s activities, Jerry decided to get politically involved and was involved with a local political initiative.

Amanda moved back to San Luis Obispo where she joined a local vet clinic as an assistant, is working at the local ‘java joint’ as a barista, and now has been pet sitting for local homeowners - there’s money there! She is still searching for activities that make use of her skills and love - exotic animals. She delights us with spontaneous pictures of surgeries where she’s holding a leg bone or group photos with adorable pugs. She is saving her money for a trek to the Caribbean in ’09.  She continues running marathons and collecting new technology toys (just like her dad).

Andrea finished her third year teaching in Boise and became the TOY of the school (Teacher of the Year). She decided that in her “spare” time she would take classes to get her Masters degree in teaching. She really enjoys doing science with her third graders. This year was the year of raising fish. She raised over 90 trout in the classroom with the students. She continues to ski, hike, and now bike and run. Boise is becoming a good place with lots of friends. She has become a fisher-person (thanks Martin).

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them. If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara, Jerry, Andrea, Amanda, Desi, Maggie, Gidget, Brie, & Beans Pierce

Andrea and her ‘catch’

Martin, Andrea & Brie

Alpine Lake - photo by Jerry

Brie - photo submitted to AAA for Travel book

Splash Mountain

Blah blah blah ...

Jerry snow shoeing with the boys

Amanda, Marty

(and Andrea in the background)