The Pierce’s Holiday 2009 Letter

2009 - Barbara turned 60, continues as Council-person for Redwood City, Andrea changes her last name and remains in Boise Idaho, Amanda gets engaged and travels Europe, and Jerry is a consultant, starts a new company and has a medical adventure. Now, is THIS normal?

Andrea gets married! Wonderful event in July. Great food. See all the pictures at andreamartin.org. She is now Andrea Koenig (and yes, Jerry got andreakoenig.org for a wedding present). She is still teaching outside of Boise, skiing, hiking, and even fishing. And she has wonderful furry “children” (Brie and Gidget).

In June, Amanda and her long term boyfriend Marty decided to finally take the next step and get engaged. She has been working two to three jobs at a time in the central coast - coffee barista, vet technician and dog sitter. Marty has just gotten a new job in L.A. area, meaning Amanda got to quit her jobs and take a break.  With the little time off, Amanda got her RVT (Registered Veterinarian Technician) certification so she can be an “official” technician. This year, she was lucky to get lots of traveling in - sailing in the Virgin Islands, trips to the east coast and a month long adventure in Europe!

Barbara turned 60 and her family threw a BIG surprise birthday party. She is still amazed that we kept it a secret. She continues to be expanding her interests - she seems to have turned into an urban planning junkie. She helped in the campaign for two new council members in city election of 2009 (she runs again in 2011), is involved in an amazing array of committees and organizations that support our community.  Oh yes, she supports her family - mainly with medical insurance.  

Barbara’s mother Claire continues to enjoy living with us. She becomes involved with many of the family activities including trips to museums and events. Her sons, Keith and Rick, continue to come during the year.

Jerry continues to be independent and self-employed. He started a new company (AZEC), but it needs funding and funding that is almost impossible to get. The company will lead somewhere, he’s just not clear where. He continues to consult (Digital Cinema and on advisory board for a few companies), do photography (lots of photos), create many websites (too many), hiking and camping, and spends time skiing when not busy doing his other “leisure” activities. He had a medical adventure with his prostate, so to lose some weight, had his prostate removed - “weight control, one organ at a time.”  All is back to normal now.

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them.

If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara, Jerry, Andrea, Amanda, Desi, Maggie, Gidget, Brie, & Beans Pierce

Downtown Redwood City ...

Martin, Andrea, Jerry & Brie “photoshop failure”

Jerry & Ed on the slopes

Backyard Dragonfly

Washington DC trip for Eric’s Wedding

Our “new” family

(missing Marty in this picture)

Amanda in Europe ...

Claire and Barbara at

Columbus Day’