The Pierce’s Holiday 2010 Letter

2010 - Amanda gets married and moves to Long Beach, Barbara & Jerry learn to row a sweep boat for the Redwood City Council Team, Andrea graduates (again), and Jerry’s new company crashes and decides rowing is more fun. Now, is THIS normal?

Amanda and Marty had a wonderful Barn wedding in May. They are now living in Long Beach, CA. Amanda is a Vet Technician at an emergency animal care facility. She is learning so much! Marty is a consultant to Boeing - working on the new GPS system. With a new GrandCat (Monkey) and GrandDog (Samoa) they are proud parents!

Andrea got her master’s degree in education from Boise State. She and Martin had their “honeymoon” European trip and a great time with Martin’s parents. Andrea’s continues to teach in Nampa and enjoys  skiing, hiking, and even fishing. They have wonderful furry “children” GrandCat (Gidget) and GrandDog (Brie).

Barbara is still on City Council and involved in lots of activities: League of California Cities, BAWSCA (Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency), High Speed Rail Task force, and the Redwood City Education Foundation. She continues expanding her interests, turning into an urban planning junkie. She’ll run for office again in 2011 and yes, supports her family - mainly with medical insurance.  

Barbara’s mother, Claire continues living with us. She is involved with family activities including trips to museums and events. Rick, her older son, passed away this year after suffering from a rare disease - Multiple System Atrophy. Her younger son, Keith visits during the year to visit Claire and go wine tasting with Barbara.

Jerry continues to be independent and self-employed. He tried start a new company (AZEC), but it didn’t get enough funding to get off the ground. He continues to consult (Digital Cinema), do photography (lots of photos), create many websites (too many), hikes and camp, and skies when not busy with other “leisure” activities. This year he was  one of 15 chaperones taking 85 7th graders on a 10 mile hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Do you have any doubt of Jerry’s sanity? He also joined Barbara in learning how to row, so now has a new hobby.

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them.  If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara, Jerry, Andrea, Martin, Amanda, Marty, Maggie, Gidget, Brie, Monkey, Samoa & Beans Pierce

Our Emails are: Jerry: jerry@jerrypierce.org;   Barbara: barbara@barbarapierce.org

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Our family - Andrea & Martin Koenig, Jerry, Marty & Amanda Flores, Barbara, Claire

Amanda gets married at the barn ...

Brie, Martin & Andrea camping in Idaho

Barbara as a “wise person” at Bethlehem AD Christmas Pageant

Jerry and Barbara rowing in the bay ...

Courthouse Square and Wells Fargo Stage Coach

Maggie standing-in for Andrea