The Pierce’s Holiday 2013 Letter

2013 - It’s great being grandparents! Miles Koenig is now 20 months old - the most perfect grandson ever. Andrea and Martin actually get some sleep - Amanda works two (or more) jobs, Barbara has two more years on Council and is rowing, Jerry keeps rowing, hiking and consulting and Claire continues doing pretty well at 93.

This year the family went to the Apffel-Aprile family reunion in Watkins Glen, New York! We visited with Barbara’s brother in Cleveland where Keith and Sue were great hosts and then - Jerry, Barbara, Andrea, Martin, Miles, and Amanda - cozily shared a KOA cabin for 3 nights of visiting, reminiscing and swimming. Seeing both sides of the family in this great location was wonderful!

The Apffel-Aprile Reunion in New York

Miles is a cool little boy! He like trucks, organizing things, and vacuuming (just like his dad). Andrea continues teaching 5th grade science in Nampa. In addition to teaching and Miles, she has been running, skiing, reading, and knitting. Martin continues his work at Idaho Fish and Game in a new position - and fishes whenever and wherever he can.


Amanda and Marty are no longer together, but still remain good friends. She is currently living in long beach and working at an emergency animal clinic on the weekends and general practice animal clinic during the week. She found a dog mid year and has fallen in love. She has officially turned into the dog owner she would always make fun of. Karma's funny that way. On her off time she enjoys spending time cross stitching, running and exploring restaurants in downtown long beach!

Barbara has two years remaining as a City Council member in Redwood City. She retired from the Education Foundation, but was honored with a Lifetime Achievement from them. While still involved in lots in Redwood City, that pull from Boise is strong. (Did we mention she has a nearly perfect grandson?) She still loves to row on the bay and  “free” time is devoted to caring for her mom, Claire.

Barbara playing a wise-man with Amanda, Miles, and Andrea

Jerry has been quiet this year - except for lots of outside activities. He continues consulting for theater owners and Universal. He loves photography, to row, hike, and camp. His photos of harbor seals, birds and downtown show up on the city website and various local publications. This year, in addition to taking the 85-7th graders to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, he went on a Sierra Club 7- night hike in Kings Canyon - a very tough hike (aka fat camp). He also did the very hard Grand Canyon South Rim to North Rim hike - over 23 miles in two days with over 5,000 feet vertical!

Jerry, Candy, and Keith on the rim-to-rim hike

Barbara’s mother, Claire continues living with us. At 93, she is involved in family activities including trips to museums and events. The big trips this year were going to visit Andrea. Her son, Keith visits frequently during the year to visit Claire and go wine tasting with Barbara.

Jerry, Barbara, Andrea/ Miles, Amanda, Claire

Maggie, our beloved Golden Retriever, passed away this September. She was 12 years old and an important part of our family. A perfect “retriever” - she was able to sniff out the Frisbee on the hill no matter where we tried to hide it. She loved the water - the picture tells the story - a black lab on the bottom, a golden on the top. We will miss her.

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them.  If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara, Jerry & Beans Pierce

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Miles testing the water

Jerry at the Grand Canyon with his adopted family (100 of us!)

Jerry and Peter on the bay

The Pierces at Watkins Glen

Christmas 2013

Wildlife on the bay

Jerry and Miles

Kings Canyon trek

The Chaperones for the Grand Canyon Trek

Barbara, Keith, Sue, Andrea, Amanda, Martin, Miles in Watkins Glenn NY

Quidi Vidi in St. John’s Newfoundland - one of Jerry’s trips this year