The Pierce’s Holiday 2014 Letter

2104 has been a year of great highs and lows. Lovely highs - Andrea is now expecting her second child! (Make that OUR second Grand-something) while Miles is approaching 3! Jerry had many hikes and two surgeries! Amanda purchased a condo in Long Beach. We purchased a townhouse in Boise and a new car!  A year of very sad passings: Barbara’s mother, Claire, passed away rather suddenly in November. This week, our family cat Beans got sick unexpectedly and passed away. It’s an emotional roller coaster as we try to adjust.

Barbara’s mother, Claire Aprile Apffel was with us for 14 years in Redwood City. She passed away in our home at 94 years young. We miss her and having her being part of our daily lives. She was active until the end and even went to the circus three weeks before she left us. She leaves a huge vacuum in our lives, though thankfully many happy memories. Barbara’s brother, Keith, has come frequently through the years to “Nana-sit” and his presence continues to be a comfort now.

Our grandson is the love of our lives! Miles is an active 2.8 year old boy! Very much a boy - trucks and balls are the best part of the day. His vocabulary is growing by the minute. Andrea knows ALL the lines of Frozen, as Miles is big fan of the movie!  Andrea and Martin have started our second grand-child and Miles is eager for a sister. She continues teaching 5th grade science in Nampa and has lots of hobbies. She “forced” her father to run a 5K fun-run in Boise over Thanksgiving. Martin continues his work at Idaho Fish and Game - and fishes whenever and wherever he can. He and Miles practice their “fishing” in the garage.

Amanda purchased a condo in Long Beach, so she is now an official homeowner. She had surgery on her thyroid - we think it’s to keep up with her dad - all went well. Dani, her English bulldog, has taken over her life. Amanda continues to work at 2 veterinary clinics as a registered vet tech. She has started to train for her fourth marathon and will be going to Paris, France to run it. She looks forward to sightseeing and eating lots. She looks forward to sightseeing and eating lots with her partner Melissa. Life is good!

Jerry has done a lot this year. He continues consulting for theater owners and Universal Studios. He loves photography, rowing, hiking, and camping - but is not as interested in skiing this year. This year, in addition to taking the 85-7th graders to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for the 5th year, he went on two Sierra Club 7-night backpacking hikes and a 6-night hike to the top of Mt. Whitney. They were such beautiful places. At the end, he was in great shape! THEN he had surgery to fix a hernia obtained during the first hike followed by another surgery to fix his first cataract. At least both Barbara and Jerry get an old person discount at the theater.

Jerry and Barbara purchased a townhouse in Boise for their frequent trips to see the most-perfect-grandson in the world (and his wonderful parents!) A 3 bedroom 2.5 bath near downtown Boise. We will be getting bicycles for frequent treks along the parkway into the downtown and walking the greenbelt to hit the microbreweries and urban events.

We also went eco-friendly and purchased a Nissan Leaf (all electric) car. Her name is “Noel.”

Barbara is in her last year as a City Council member in Redwood City - she terms out in November, after a 16-year stint. She still loves going to meetings on weird topics like climate adaptation or traffic congestion management and continues to row on the bay as her time for tranquility. It was a pretty quiet year, though filled with caring for and being with her mom, Claire.

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them.  If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara & Jerry Pierce

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Claire Aprile Apffel 1920-2014

Amanda’s puppy “Dani”

The Pierces home away from home in Boise

Jerry, Pat, Megan, Julie on trek to top of Mt. Whitney

Claire and Miles

Amanda and Miles

Sunrise in Kings Canyon, California

Amanda and Andrea

Miles, Andrea, Barbara and friend Diane, at Bethlehem AD, living nativity pageant, in Redwood City

Jerry & Andrea at the Turkey Run in Boise

Jerry, Barbara, Amanda on the Queen Mary

Lone Pine Lake, Mt. Whitney

Miles and Andrea Koenig

Fall in Boise

Near Mt. Whitney in the Sierras

Beans in a favorite position

Barbara and Claire attending a play at the Fox

Beans helping Barbara

Claire at the Farmer’s Market

Grand Canyon - Yet AGAIN (5th year in a row)

Barbara “begging with buckets” at the Friday Night Concerts in Redwood City

Snowy egrets on the bay

Amanda and Jerry