The Pierce’s Holiday 2016 Letter

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them.  If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara & Jerry Pierce

Welcome to 2017! 2016 was our travel year! Off to Africa, car camping in Bryce and Zion and numerous trips to Boise. Jerry added hiking trips to Wyoming, the Sierras and (wait for it) NEPAL! Barbara has a brand new KNEE! All our young ones are doing fine! (Yes, we consider being 35 as “young.”) Barbara is a co-lead of Redwood City’s 150 year celebration - our sesquicentennial! (Yes, we can now pronounce sesquicentennial!) A great start after the end of being on City Council.

Barbara and Jerry joined a safari tour of Africa - including visits to Johannesburg (South Africa), Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia with a airport visit to Dubai. We went with our friends Moon and Chu and a relatively small tour group - about 20 total folks. We spent about 2 weeks touring and had the opportunity to see amazing animals and wonderful people. It was a great excuse for Jerry to add new “glass” to his camera collection.

Andrea and Martin are doing well in Boise. They have moved to a new house - closer to our condo and much better location overall - right next to the greenbelt/Boise river. Their two little ones Analiese (19 months) and Miles (4.8 years) are healthy and happy. We visit Boise often and also FaceTime with them!

Amanda and Melissa continue to enjoy Long Beach. Amanda has a new job doing technical support for some vet-thing. It might have something to do with testing blood. (Amanda could never describe what I did for a living, payback!!) Amanda is traveling all over California, Arizona and Nevada - so she gets to stop by when visiting the bay area.

Speaking of Barbara, she was over having her knee hurt while walking so she went out and now has a bionic knee - full knee replacement. It’s been 4 months and things are better than before, but not fully recovered. On weak moments she even talks about getting her other knee done. NOT THIS YEAR.

Barbara and Jerry rented a trailer and went with Pat/Jim on a car camping trek to Bryce and Zion national parks. We will be doing more of that in the future.

What to do after being on City Council for 16 years? Take on leadership of the City’s 150 year celebration! Barbara and Dee are leading the celebration - raising money, organizing events, coordinating with thousands of organizations! Well not thousands, but it feels that way:). Just think the theme of Redwood City’s 4th of July parade will be for the 150 year celebration … all because of Barbara’s hard work.

Jerry continues consulting for theater owners and Universal. He loves gadgets, photography, rowing, hiking, and camping. This year no trek to the grand canyon, but lots of back country hiking. High Sierras, Grand Tetons, Yosemite and then two weeks in Nepal hiking the Manaslu trek - up to 16,700 ft elevation!  Thousands of pictures and many more miles on the trail.

Analiese and Miles Koenig (and Andrea)

African Safari

Car Camping trip to Bryce, Zion and Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy

Manaslu Circuit Trek - "Glamping"

A tree dedicated to Barbara's mom - Claire Apffel

A tuba Christmas - State Capital Building, Boise Idaho

Day of the Dead

Jerry's unsuccessful performance to become "Mr. Redwood City"

Yes, we are still rowing in the bay!

3 Day Hike to backcountry behind Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite

Grand Teton and Sierra High Trail hikes...

Sunset family walk

Dani - Amanda & Melissa's friend

Happy Hallow in San Jose

Do you want even MORE pictures? (You are crazy!) Go to http://www.jerrypierce.org/photos/

Two days in a very, very wet Disneyland. No fireworks, No parades and many rides closed (including California screaming). VERY stylish in our matching ponchos - along with the other 10,000+ other folks. "Find Andrea - she is in a poncho!" BUT a GREAT time anyway. Miles first time - LOVED Pirates - HATED Haunted Mansion - LOVED Big Thunder Railroad - LOVED Buzz Lightyear Blasters - HATED (REALLY HATED) Bugs Life - LOVED Toy Story Midway Mania LOVED Radiator Springs Racers (as did the other children). Large children enjoyed Tower of Terror for the last time :(. When can we go again????