The Pierce’s Holiday 2017 Letter

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them.  If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara & Jerry Pierce

Our Emails are: Jerry: jerry@jerrypierce.org;   Barbara: barbara@barbarapierce.org Andrea: andrea@jerrypierce.org;  Amanda:  amandaapierce@gmail.com

Jerry and Barbara Pierce wish you a happy holiday season and a great 2018!

In theory we are retired or at least semi-retired, but it sure feels like there is more to do and a very busy calendar! 2017 was another travel year and a remodeling year! Amanda got married! Off to Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Boise and Saudi Arabia! Major remodel to our Boise condo. Jerry added hiking trips to the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho, Kings Canyon and off trail near Bishop. Barbara’s new knee is working fine! Redwood City’s 150 year celebration is coming to an end. All our young ones are doing fine! It was quite a year!

Amanda and Melissa are married! They had a wonderful ceremony on the beach with Dani delivering the rings. They continue to enjoy Long Beach and have a new puppy in addition to Dani, Buddy (indoor cat) and supporting two feral cats outside their apartment.

Barbara and Jerry went on a tour of “Paradores and Pousadas” in Portugal and Spain. We went with Chu and Moon and met new friends that live across the bay in Fremont. This was a great trip - we were in Barcelona when the vote to succede was underway! We saw more olive trees than sand on a beach. The trip photos are posted to  http://www.jerrypierce.org/home/hikes-and-trips/spain-portugal-2017.html

We took the family on a Mexican resort vacation. Andrea,  Kirsten (AKA Dr. Muffin), Miles, Analiese, Amanda and Melissa all have a great week at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. WOW! What great times enjoying the sun and all the little drinks with umbrellas… Those trip photos are posted to http://www.jerrypierce.org/home/hikes-and-trips/mexico-2017.html

Andrea and Martin are doing well in Boise. Andrea has a new teaching job closer to home. Their two little ones Analiese (2+ years) and Miles (5+ years) are healthy and happy. We visit Boise often and Barbara goes to the “Y” to swim with them! Miles is in Kindergarden and Analiese is everywhere!

You may see a pattern here. We are doing lots of these “adventures” and want to share some of our pictures with others, so Jerry updates his website fairly often to have a convenient way to share. If you get bored there are lots of trips posted - current and past ones! http://jerrypierce.org/

Jerry continues consulting for theater owners and Universal. This year included a work trip to Saudi Arabia! http://www.jerrypierce.org/home/hikes-and-trips/saudi-arabia-2017.html He loves gadgets (including an iPhoneX), photography, rowing, hiking, and camping. This year a short trip to the (snow-bound) Kings Canyon (http://www.jerrypierce.org/home/hikes-and-trips/kings-canyon-2017.html), a solo-short hike to the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho (http://www.jerrypierce.org/home/hikes-and-trips/sawtooth-2017.html) and Ionian Basin (http://www.jerrypierce.org/home/hikes-and-trips/ionian-basin-2017.html). More are planned for next year!

Analiese and Miles Koenig

Amanda and Melissa

Seriously, Analiese walks on water (sometimes)

Andrea, Jerry, Amanda

Do you want even MORE pictures? (You are crazy!) Go to http://www.jerrypierce.org/photos/

Barbara and Dee are finishing Redwood City’s 150th year celebration! They are SO HAPPY it’s ending. From parades (two of them), to the premier of Redwood City’s movie (want to buy a DVD?), to a major downtown event, to creating the 150 faces of Redwood City and much more! They raised over $200K! It was worth it. We took our new friends Dee and Rich to spend the weekend at the Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite.

Speaking of Barbara, her new bionic knee is working fine.

Our condo in Boise has been perfect for us. Nice neighbors and a great location - so we decided it was time to upgrade from the “Motel 6” style to something better. We found a friend, Kenji, who is a contractor and took on our project in stride. We should be done by the end of January and it’s wonderful. Highlights are a new kitchen and master bathroom - but honestly every room has been upgraded. New windows (now double pane), new flooring and a much more comfortable home. It is really ours now…

Ronda Spain

Cordoba Spain

Carmona Spain

Amanda throwing Miles (best Aunt ever)

Miles really learned to swim!

Analiese, Martin, Miles, Andrea  Koenig

Barbara, Dee, Jackie Spears

Barbara & Dee on the 4th July 150 float

Winter morning in Boise

In a Saudi Arabia Park

Moon Rise in Kings Canyon

Sunset in Darwin Canyon

More Pictures...



"Our bones are waiting for yours!"

Day of the Dead - Redwood City

Train Crossing - SF Bay

Barbara and Dee being surprised with the recognition for their work this year

Barbara and Dee

Jerry - one of the 150 faces of Redwood City

Bay Bridge from Treasure Island (hike from Oakland)

Thanksgiving robber

Halloween Dog

Analiese and Miles

Saudi Arabia at 6am

Kings Canyon Challenge

Sunset in the meadow (high snow year!)

Sunset at Grouse Lake

Grouse Lake

Bishop Pass