The Pierce’s Holiday 2018 Letter

As usual, we wish you all health, time enough to do the things you wish, and money enough to afford them.  If you are in the area, please come by and see us! We would love to visit!

Barbara & Jerry Pierce

Our Emails are: Jerry: jerry@jerrypierce.org;   Barbara: barbara@barbarapierce.org Andrea: andrea@jerrypierce.org;  Amanda:  amandaapierce@gmail.com

Jerry and Barbara Pierce wish you a happy holiday season and a great 2019!

Being semi-retired is hard work! 2018 was yet another travel year and lots of campaign activities! Amanda has a baby!! Off to Peru & the Galapagos! Off to the Northwest to meet up with family! Off to the Grand Canyon with 7th graders! We helped two friends run for Redwood City council! Jerry added hiking trips to the Sierras (again). We now have a kayak! All our young ones are doing fine! It was quite a year…

Amanda and Melissa have a new Baby!! He is a healthy little boy named Waverly Gael Pierce Lopez (so big a name for such a small person). They moved to a new house that is much more comfortable and great for the kid. They continue to enjoy Long Beach.

Barbara and Jerry went on a tour of the Peruvian Amazon, Machupicchu and the Galapagos. Wow, what a great trip! Barbara decided travel wouldn’t be fun without some adventure, so she broke her toe and got pneumonia while traveling - but didn’t miss any of the tour!  We went with Chu and Moon and met more new friends around the states. The trip photos are posted here.

Barbara and Jerry went to the Grand Canyon with the Kennedy Middle School class (first time for Barbara, 7th time for Jerry). 10 days of hard work, but very rewarding. Pictures here.

Speaking of Barbara, she was the proud recipient of the Sequoia Award person of the year! She shared this honor with Dee Eva in honor of the great work they did on the Redwood City 150th celebration.

Barbara continues to work on the board of the San Mateo History museum and spends an amazing amount of time plotting and planning new additions to the museum!

Andrea and Martin continue enjoying Boise. Andrea has yet another new teaching job even closer to home. Their two little ones Analiese (3+ years) and Miles (6+ years) are healthy and happy. We visit Boise often and Barbara goes to the “Y” to swim with them!

Harbor Seals in the Redwood City Sloughs

Amanda, Melissa and the Wave

Airshow flyby

Havasu Falls

The Hike down to Havasu Falls

The New Family

Amazon River

The joy of the water (Andrea and Analiese)

Dee Eva, Councilmember Janet Borgens and Barbara

Analiese, Martin, Miles, Andrea  Koenig

The 7th graders

Outside Cuzco Peru

Mel, Amanda, Steve and Barbara

Barbara and Jerry just hanging out

Hiking Pictures

Our Grand Canyon Trip 2018

More Random Pictures...

Proud Grandparents

Watchful caregiver

Port of Redwood City

Boise Pictures

Hetch Hetchy (Barbara and Jerry stayed in the cabin on the left)

Fall is beautiful in Boise

Mt. Julius Caesar (hard hike)

Andrea while running a marathon!

Darwin Canyon

History Museum

Happy New Year (Barbara is on the right)

Hetch Hetchy

The SF Bay

Nighttime Owl at our Resort on the Amazon

Piranha in the Amazon River

There are LOTS of kids (84)

Jerry continues consulting for theater owners and Universal. He loves gadgets (including an iPad Pro), photography, rowing, hiking, and camping!

On the John Muir Trail (we did a section hike)

Bear Lakes off-trail in the Sierras

Analiese and Miles

Analiese and Miles

Analiese is gonna be TROUBLE! :)


From our South America Adventure...

Public Transportation on the Amazon River

Blue Footed Boobies in the Galapagos

Machupichu in the fog/rain

From our latest grandson, Wave

Analiese feeding her little brother (not really, but that's what she calls him!)

Port of Redwood City (photo taken from Jerry's office window - long lens!)