Fourth hike of 2021 – Wind River Wyoming – Mid Section

Spade Lake

Angel Pass (Continental Divide)

Third hike of 2021 – Sierra High Route section 1 from Kings Canyon

Just a random lake

Climb out of Marion Lake

Granite Lake fishing

Second hike of 2021 – Kaweah Basin…

Scott, Pat and Jerry in front of Mt. Tyndall

Kaweah Basin

Old Army Pass

Second Trek of 2021, First HIKE … Kings Canyon/Rae Lakes…

Rae Lakes

Below Charlotte Lake

Scar – “The” Bear of interest – camp walk through

We have a family in the backyard. Here is the record of their family raising adventures.

Checking out the neighborhood

Eggs laid April 3, 2021, First hatched April 16, 2021

They eye’s have it!

Leaving the nest (May 10, 2021)

First Trek of 2021 … Yosemite…

Hite Cove

Upper Yosemite Falls

Mirror Lake

Spencer wanted my bird photos in one location… Whatever…

One more trek of 2020 – Death Valley

Just some pretty pictures

Mt. Diablo

Red Tail Hawk 1 – Ruddy Duck 0

The Kiss

I gave a presentation on backpacking and photography at HPA 2019. I am slowly creating a set of web pages with more / current information. 

Egypt 2020 – Close the door as you leave tour! 

We took a wonderful Egypt tour with Road Scholar. Our timing couldn’t have been better! Go to see a write up of the trip (with pictures) or my highlight pictures or go straight to see all the pictures (too many, actually). 

A special thanks to our fellow travelers on the trip! It was so much better with (new) friends!

Just some pretty pictures...